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Noel Evans Director | Cinematographer

NOELEVANS.TV Film and Video Production Melbourne

Noel is available for hire as a Director or Cinematographer. You can also engage us as a Film and Video Production company in Melbourne,  where we bring all the right people to make your project a success. I do travel however and have worked all over Asia and in all corners of Australia.

From the age of five I was writing stories. (Ok shhh. It is not sappy. Just keep reading.) Anyway I’ll continue. As a kid the payoff for me was the attention and I loved how something I’d created would allow people to escape into an alternate world.

Like most kids I’d dreamed of things like toys coming to life, being able to shrink myself down to the size of an ant or monsters hiding under the floor, so that’s what I wrote about.

Not entirely sure this is what you want to read here. Ok. Fast Forward. Switch to third person. Please try to read the following using the irrepresable voice of Morgan Freeman.

As a veteran in the industry, Noel has collaborated with global brands such as the ATP through The Bigshot Productions UK, Sony and Panasonic as well as large Australian companies like Arrow Energy and PureTAN. Noel has also had stints in numerous countries including being based out of Japan for many years. Noel is also regularly contracted out to the premier Film and Video Production Companies Melbourne Sydney Brisbane.

Noel’s work includes TV commercials, Music Videos, Documentary, short and feature length Narratives and Corporate Films. He also brings expertise in creating Viral stories through video after recently spending 18 months in Sydney as the Creative Director at Gossip Media. (/end Morgan Freeman voice)

Better? Personally, I liked the sappy part the most.

Connecting You To Your Audience. That's What Drives Us.

Actually, I prefer motorcycles over driving a car. You mind driving? The connecting part I meant.

In Action

Noel's Choice In Camera

For Film and Video Production there are many factors which can determine which camera is best for the jobs. We're abreast of Industry leading systems from Red, Arri and Canon from production to post production. We will always choose the most suitable system for the work being carried out. Our in house camera of choice is the Panasonic VariCam LT. We also have a range of in-house support gear and lighting, suitable for many jobs and partner with the best local rental houses. See why we chose the Varicam LT below.


    4K dual ISO sensor that allows for greater creativity.

  • Recording Options

    Ability to work between ready to edit footage or footage that will be processed in post production.

  • Canon EF and PL Mount

    Allows us to swap between affordable Canon lenses to high end cinema glass creating budget flexibility.

  • Light Weight - Big Image

    The Varicam LT comes in a small package yet delivers big end images no matter what budget bracket we are working in.

The more you leave out, the more you highlight what you leave in.” ― Henry Green

Random quote found on the internet to make me appear clever. Shhh don't tell anyone.

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Pretty impressive right!? See, now just call me and you can get back to work.

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