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03 Dec, 2016

Tomoko Sato My Daughter

Tomoko Sato My Daughter РA Story From the Japan Tsunami March 11, 2016 marked the fifth anniversary of the Japan Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. This was a natural disaster that was beamed direct into our homes. We watched as the force of the tsunami swept across Tohoku. In the...

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17 May, 2016

Echoes – A Documentary Or The Time I Thought I Could Save The World (part of it).

ECHOES Documentary

This is going to be a long one, so let me start at the end. Echoes the documentary is available for purchase on Vimeo On Demand. All proceeds are going to the tsunami¬†devastated city of Rikuzentakata. Visit the on demand page at the following link to understand what I’m...

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